Authenticity: Creativity in the Workplace

The Goal

To stimulate the participants’ creativity and invite and promote innovative thinking in the workplace.


The most important value in a company or organisation today is the creativity of the employees, and their innovative force. Using this force constructively is essential in reaching corporate or organisational goals.
Whether consciously or not, potential is not realised to its fullest by many employees and management personnel. And whether we admit it or not, most reactions to individuals or situations are made instinctively. Self-awareness and understanding of how our thought processes affect us will lead to more constructive interaction and innovation within the corporate structure.


The participants will study creativity techniques. They will also be given tools that will result in greater self-understanding and authenticity, and will be encouraged to promote and take initiative to change which is only beneficial to the organisation as a whole.

The Subjects Covered

  • Your resources and desires
  • Your different sub-personalities (the critic, the saboteur, the visionary, the creative child etc.)
  • Conceptualisation and choice
  • How you meet professional challenges
  • How you can develop a more honest relationship with both yourself and your colleagues or employer, thereby becoming more authentic
  • How you can contribute towards attaining the company’s or organisation’s goals

The Result

Through the development of our innate talents and innovative skills, we will become more productive, co-operative, motivated and satisfied, thereby doing a better job and adding value to our employment.

Duration of The Course

Eight weeks, three hours per week, thereby giving you the necessary time to explore yourself and ability to change in addition to establishing contacts and support mechanisms in the process.