Life Coaching

How to live a more inspiring life, and find fulfilment

  • Do you need help in mastering your everyday life, thereby enriching it?
  • Do you need help in setting boundaries to prevent you from taking on too many tasks giving you no time to develope your talents or explore new ones?
  • Do you have a dream which you have not realised?
  • Is it difficult to let go of an unsatisfying relationship or a job?
  • Do you dread change and taking the first step into the unknown?
  • Are you afraid not to succeed?

Talking to a counsellor may inspire you to find your own solution. If it is easier for you to talk to stranger than to your family and friends my support could help you find ways of realising your innermost dreams and hopes.

Whether you prefer to meet in person, or to talk on the phone, the decision is yours !